“Parenting in a Multicultural European City” is a transnational project funded by the European Social Fund as a three year Grundtvig 1 project (October 2006 – September 2009).

There are eleven partners and the project is coordinated by Swansea University, Department of Adult Continuing Education, Wales UK

Successful parenting requires policy environments that enable all parents, regardless of social class, income, race or creed, to provide for the health, social, cultural and educational needs of their children. Existing support systems may need changing to reflect the needs of disadvantaged indigenous and immigrant parents.

The project will explore “Parenting in Modern Europe”, as a learning theme of common interest across cultures.

Parents new to a city and new parents need information about support systems available to them. The project gives Parents’ Groups an opportunity to survey existing policy and provision and prepare City and European Guides for parents and new immigrant families.

Parents’ Groups from eleven European cities will work transnationally to compare findings, identify themes of common interest and provide feedback about policy and system changes, which will be both culturally sensitive and adapted to needs of immigrant and marginalised parents.