„Learning Coach in Adult Education”

Project Number  518427-LLP-1-2011-1-IT-GRUNDTVIG-GMP


Adult learning is a vital component of EU education policies, as it is essential to competitiveness and employability, social inclusion, active citizenship and personal development across Europe. 

The value of adult learning for employability and mobility is widely acknowledged across the EU, but it still needs greater recognition and resources. At present, adult participation in ‘lifelong learning’ varies greatly and is unsatisfactory in many EU countries. The European Union set a  target for average participation in lifelong learning throughout the EU at 15 % by 2020 for adults aged 25–64. In 2010, average participation was 9.1 %.

To reach those challenges the member States have to:

- improve the quality, attractiveness and accessibility of the opportunities for lifelong learning

- provide adults with pathways to improving their knowledge and competences

- facilitate the development of innovative practices in adult education and their transfer

- improve pedagogical approaches and the management of adult education organizations

 With those aims was born the project LICO – Learning Coach in Adult Education.

LICO is a GRUNDTVIG Multilateral project funded by the European Union. The Project team is made up of 6 Organizations from 6 European countries (UK, IT, SE, DE, BG, ES).

The project aims to provide a set of materials (Tool Box) and a training course that adult educators, information officers and career advisers working in Adult Education Centres can use in their trainings, courses, guidance and counseling activities with their adult learners.

The project materials will help to provide a more personalized service for adult learners, leading to higher motivation and improved retention and success rates.

 The duration of the project is 2 years. It started in January 2012 and will end in June 2014.

The main project activities focus on: 

- a need analysis with employees and managers of the adult learning centres to check how to make their activity more effective and their views about the learning coach approach;

- developing of a set of materials (Tool Box) that learning coaches working with adults (adult educators, information officers and careers advisers working in Adult Education Centres) can use in their training, guidance and counseling activities with adult learners;

- developing of a short training course for  information officers, adult educators and careers guidance practitioners already working in the field. The course will explain the rationale for the learning coach and methodologies and tools to use for this role;

- using of the Tool Box with adults learners.

  If you are interested to know more, please visit the project website or contact  the local coordinator in your country