Training seminar on Development of intercultural competence

June 23, Hospital Razlog

Participants: 17 nursing and health care professionals from the hospital, health center and medical laboratory in Razlog

Trainers: Anna Peltegova, Aneta Dailova

The seminar was developed based on the results of the survey on the needs of intercultural training of medical staff and health professionals, conducted in January 2009

In the seminar were included the following topics:

1. Basic concepts and definitions in the model for the development of intercultural competence;

2. How to meet, accept and cope with difficulties arising from relationships with patients – foreigners;

3. How to use information and training materials and glossary of medical terms from the project site for learning;

4. The role of nonverbal communication when dealing with patients.

Through questionnaires all participants in the seminar evaluated the quality of the training, materials used in it and the need for further training / selfstudy.

Dr. Bozhidar Velev /manager of the Razlog Hospital/ Vania Lagadinova-Bangeeva /head nurse of the Hospital – Razlog/ and Anna Peltegova /manager of “EUROCENTER TRAINING PARTNERSHIP 21 CENTURY” Ltd / after seminar discussed the opportunities to include nurses and health care professionals in intercultural training according to the interest expressed from them and their professional needs.