About us

“EUROCENTER TRAINING AND PARTNERSHIP 21 CENTURY ” Ltd. Razlog is a private company that works in the field of formal and informal adult education.

Main goal of the company is promoting “EUROCENTER TRAINING AND PARTNERSHIP 21 CENTURY” Ltd. as a regional center for adult education /Municipalities Razlog, Bansko, Yakoruda and Belitsa/ delivering quality and widely accessible education to individual interests and capabilities citizens, the needs of the labor market and in the context of lifelong learning and ensure open access to different levels, forms and methods of acquiring knowledge and skills development of every citizen of the region regardless of gender, age, residence, ethnicity, social and material status.

Means to realize the main purpose are:

- Organizing and conducting vocational training courses – within “EUROCENTER TRAINING AND PARTNERSHIP 21 CENTURY” Ltd. is established a nationally recognized Center for Vocational Training of Adults that provides professional training for 20 different professions in the following areas: business management, ICT, social care, tourism, hotel management, foodstuff, building, etc.

- Organizing and conducting training courses on key competences – communication in mother tongue, communication in foreign languages, mathematical competence, digital competence, learning skills, social and civic competence, initiative and entrepreneurship, cultural awareness and creative expression.

- Organizes activities of interest groups – dance, visual arts, theater arts;

- Organization of various forms of informal learning – job training, short /1-3 days / courses for updates, changes in regulations and others, seminars, conferences;

- Organizing special programs to meet the needs of learners at risk of social exclusion, especially needs of people dropped schools, unemployed youngsters, the unemployed with low education and without any specialty and profession; discouraged people, for long-term unemployed, unemployed people with disabilities, unemployed persons over the age of 50;

- Consultancies in different fields – social care, professional motivation and orientation, psychological consultancy for children, adults and family, projects.

- Organizing a modular design of curricula, ensuring a flexible, mobile and high-quality training;

- Development and implementation /integration with other methods of training or self / system for e-learning;

- Creating a system of qualification of teaching staff, which will provide periodic updates of the knowledge, use of new methods of teaching, language learning and use of ICT in education;

- Effective and full utilization of capacity of Lifelong Learning Program 2007-2013 and other programs of the European Union to exchange experiences, identifying, disseminating and applying best practices and innovative activities in adult education.

“EUROCENTER TRAINING AND PARTNERSHIP 21 CENTURY” Ltd. works closely with local authorities, educational organizations, unions, labor office, non-governmental organizations. Partners of the company are more than 30 private companies and public institutions.

“EUROCENTER TRAINING AND PARTNERSHIP 21 CENTURY” Ltd. is a member of the CITY LEARNING NET – an informal network of organizations from 16 European countries working in the field of adult education.